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Due Emme started his history offering a useful alternative to metal accessories, making products that are not only lighter, but also colored, safe and technologically innovative.

Since 1979 Due Emme has specialized in the production and sales of thermoplastic components, developing the ideas and projects for each new product and following the entire production chain, from the production process of the accessories to their commercialization.

The ongoing research on materials and end-to-end control over products allow the creation of original, confident and competitive thermoplastic components.

Thanks to the high standards of quality and completeness of its catalog, Due Emme is proud of a wide clientele both Italian and European. This has enabled the building of a thriving niche market, in which Made in Italy is considered not only synonymous of quality, design and innovation, but also an absolute imperative.


The company, which comprises an armature of about 30 employees, is located in two integrated workplaces:

– the sales office in Milan, that takes care of orders management and shipment of goods to customers.

– the production center in Brescia, in charge of buying raw materials and of molding plastic accessories.

The production center in Brescia, which extends on a surface area of 2,800 sqm, is one of the most modern plastic injection molding companies in Europe. It includes a fleet of 22 last generation machineries, ARBURG and ENGEL, whose tonnage varies from 50 to 350 tons.

This allows the use of the most appropriate machine, according to the weight of the piece to be produced and the mold used, with positive effects on the quality and cost of the accessories.


The characteristics that qualify Due Emme as an Italian leader in designing, manufacturing and sales of thermoplastic components for clothing, medical, stationery, childhood, leather and military sectors, are:

– Creativity, high design standards and technology innovation
– Quality of materials and of production processes, all Made in Italy
– Company’s unique flexibility, which allows Due Emme to customize the design and to modify the project, as well as the production process
– Ability to meet the time-to-market of each client, i.e. to understand the required timing to settle and launch a product, and sometimes also the need to modify the original prototype
– Company’s ability to maintain a competitive price-performance ratio while offering a highend product range and the highest quality standards
– Constant reserach of customer’s satisfaction and full respect of delivery time
– Continuous attention to the products market evolution
– Great sensitivity to the change of the market scenario, due to specific strategic and


When we talk about the highest creativity standards, we don’t mean only inventiveness, originality and beautiful design. Creativity is not only freedom of expression, but it is primarily the ability to meet the needs of customers.

Through extensive experience and a big flexibility of application, Due Emme offers a customized design service and adaptation of the manufacturing process to customer requirements, to provide thermoplastic components of the highest quality, safety and reliability.

Customers satisfaction, that is followed step by step in the creation and realization process of an article, is considered of primary importance. Moreover, the strategic and financial politics of the company, makes Due Emme very sensitive to the endless products evolution and enable to keep its prices to a competitive level.

Here at Due Emme the customer is followed step by step in the creation and production of an article, including the logistics to respect the expected time to market.

Due Emme’s strategic and financial policies make it very sensitive to the changes in the raw materials and thermoplastic machineries markets and allows it to maintain its prices at a very competitive level, maintaining at the same time the high quality standards of Made in Italy.


Made in Italy’s high quality standards are considered of primary importance. Due Emme has always followed serious experimental procedures in the design phase and used conformity proofs to the technical specifications during production.

From the choice of raw materials to moulds manufacturing technology, till care of the production cycle, Due Emme’s objective is to reach and maintain high quality levels, in order to guarantee our customers a valuable product that respects the required characteristics.

Due Emme supports customers from design till the last production phase of a new article’s realization, paying maximum attention to the aesthetics, the functionality and the affordability of any single product.

In the market of thermoplastic components, Due Emme offers not only a finished product, but assists customers from its design till its realization. In fact, thanks to the use of new CAD programs, the firm is able to develop a 3D project and to crate prototypes that allow an effective evaluation of the aesthetic-functional aspects of the new product.

Whether it’s a buckle, a hook, a button, a military component or  a handle, for whatever sector ; a design of this type enables a fruitful exchange between the company and the customer, as well as great flexibility in editing projects, with positive effects on speed, interaction and dynamics.














Thanks to a rapid scheduling system and a Just-in-Time warehouse management, Due Emme can provide personalized assistance to each customer, being also able to rapidly make changes in the productive strategies.

The field of thermoplastic components requires high speed in action and response to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market. For this reason, Due Emme’s orders are managed through a real time advanced computerized system that permits to control production progress and to rapidly intervene by changing the productive strategies.

The warehouse is managed using the Just-in-Time methodology, which guarantees a more efficient work planning, lead time reduction and, as a consequence, a substantial improvement of customer service. This allows the management of standard orders, of which a high percentage can be shipped within 48 hours.

Another management tool is the FIFO (First In First Out) which allows to avoid the obsolescence of raw materials and reduces the costs fluctuation, with the result of maintaining high the standards of production and quality.

To ensure punctuality and speed of delivery, it is of main importance a continuous communication between the warehouse and the production labs. That’s why Due Emme is committed every day in promoting direct relations between the various internal teams, from the design of thermoplastic components to the logistics for delivery.


To continue to be a pioneer in the field of thermoplastic components, the thermoplastic injection molding process is constantly updated, as Due Emme is regularly investing in new machineries and technologies, continuing to be a cutting edge firm.

Furthermore, the use of a production automated process allows to minimize the possibility of error and ensures a high and constant quality level of the finished product.

At the beginning of the production process, the raw material is aspired into a dehumidification system, which guarantees optimal drying for molding. Subsequently, through a system of pneumatic transport the thermoplastic material is brought to the correct machine, on which a group of volumetric coloring is installed, in order to color it in an homogeneous and continuous way.

One of the most complex process in the production process is the tool exchange, since the molds consist of huge and heavy steel blocks and they require plenty of time and attention to be moved. For this reason Due Emme has a bridge crane that allows to automate this procedure, making it quicker and less difficult.

The choice of the right machinery to use, finally, is to be made considering the tonnage, that refers to the molding closing force and to the size of the thermoplastic item.


Due Emme values the quality control of its thermoplastic products as of primary importance and verifies on a regular basis that the production batches are in compliance with the requirements. The company has indeed achieved both ISO 9001:2008 – the reference standard for quality management – and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 testing certificates for harmful substances, which guarantes the absence of risks for human health.

Quality control is of main importance. That’s why every batch is supervised from the beginning to the end of the production process, using statistics that allow to analyze the production cycle in real time.

The manager in charge of quality takes care of verifying conformity of products to the requested standards, through the use of technical specifications and data sheets for each thermoplastic component. Color tests are carried out to verify chromatic uniformity of the finished product, tensile resistance tests are made to check strength and functioning of every single item, and microscopic examinations take place to highlight any possible molding imperfection.